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Monday, September 26, 2011


Lydia loves going to the store with Mama and/or Daddy. Since the "event" of her falling out of a shopping cart in the summer, we can't get her to ride in a shopping cart for longer than 5 minutes. Therefore, my shopping trips usually consist of either:
1. Pushing the shopping cart with one hand, holding Lydia in the other, and somehow trying to manage all of my coupons, or....
2. Letting Lydia carry out her "own" shopping trip through the store, as follows:

Today, Steve pointed out a girl her age sitting calmly in a shopping cart, seatbelt on, waiting for her mom, and said to Lydia: "Look at that girl sitting in the shopping cart. Why can't you sit like her?" Lydia's response to him was to hand him a bottle of Centrum Silver. Agree to disagree :)

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  1. She is so adorable!!! I love her plumber pants. Somebody get that girl a belt! :)