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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lydia and moving

As many of you know, we are moving to southwest Georgia because Steve got a fantastic job teaching voice and choir at a 2-year college. We are excited for this move, because it is really his dream job, and I can start my dream job as a stay-at-home mom!
Unfortunately, Steve had to start working before we had time to move out of our apartment in Ohio, so he stayed in Georgia at a long-term stay hotel while I stayed home and packed. Everything. With a nearly 9-month-old daughter who thinks she should be the main focus of attention all of the time. I have had to be very creative with my packing and cleaning techniques. Luckily, several neighbors have been very generous and helped watch Lydia for a couple of hours here and there so I could get things done. But the majority of my time is spent arranging Lydia in creative playing positions so she is distracted for a few minutes: she has played in normal places like her crib and her exersaucer, but also creative places like the kitchen sink, a bedroom closet, and laundry baskets. Don't worry - I'm keeping a close eye on her, but this way frees me up so I have 2 hands with which to pack things.
I am happy to move this way, but I'm really hoping that when we ever move again, my husband will be here to help! I've never been so exhausted.
Anyway, more blogging to come about our final months in Ohio and the start of our lives in Georgia!