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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Party Time!


Lydia was invited to her first party ever - her friend Graham hosted a pool party at his house. (OK, really it was his mom since he's 6 months old). The weather was cold and windy, so the pool was moved inside as we watched all of the babies splash around, or in Lydia's case,'ll see.

Here is a basic timeline of the events according to Lydia:

Shortly after 3 pm. Lydia arrives at the party and changes into her swimsuit. It's her first swimsuit ever! Isn't it cute!?!

3:15 pm. We take pictures of the kids who have arrived already (more come later) and Lydia tolerates it.

3:30 pm We get the babies in a shallow pool with warm water, some bath toys, and even a few bubbles. Most of the kids are having a great time. Lydia is not sure what to think. She kind of just sits there.

3:33 pm. After careful consideration of everything that has been going on for 3 minutes, Lydia has decided that she, in fact, does NOT want to go swimming today. She starts crying and looking at me with sad little eyes. So, I get her out of the pool, change her into some dry clothes, feed her a little bit, and then:

3:45 pm. Lydia is OUT for the next hour while Mommy eats the snacks, talks with friends, and eventually takes her home.

All in all, it was a fun experience. Lydia went to her first party and made it over 1/2 hour. Hey, it could have been worse!