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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Randomness from Lydia

Lydia has recently been working on learning a lot of new things, like parts of her body. She's really cute about it. An example from a couple of days ago:

Me: Where are Mommy's eyes?

Lydia: points to my eyes.

Me: Where are Lydia's eyes?

Lydia: points to her nose.

Me: Where is Mommy's nose?

Lydia: points to my nose.

Me: Where is Lydia's nose?

Lydia: points to her nose.

Me: Where are Mommy's ears?

Lydia: points to my ears.

Me: Where are Lydia's ears?

Lydia: points to her nose.

At least she knows where her nose is.


She's also working on animal sounds.

Me: What does a cow say? "Mmmmooo."

Lydia: Mmmmmm

Me: What does a chicken say? "Bock bock bock."

Lydia: "Ma ma ma ma"

Me: What does a sheep say? "Baa baa baa."

Lydia: ha ha ha ha ha

My daughter is SO cute - I just can't get over it!

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