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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lydia's Birthday Party

We celebrated Lydia's birthday today. Since we live so far away from family, we just had 3 of Lydia's friends and their parents come to our home for a small party. It was fun! We colored pictures of ladybugs, played with all of Lydia's toys, had a lunch and ate some super cute cupcakes made by my friend Kristi. Lydia loved opening all of her presents - but especially playing with the tissue paper, the boxes, and the wrapping paper!
Here are a few cute photos of the event (more on my facebook page):
We call Lydia our "Liddy Bugs" so my friend Kristi made these super cute lady bug cupcakes.
Lydia had some balloons to play with, and she loved them!
Lydia and her friends colored pictures of lady bugs. Lydia actually did color a little bit before she started eating the crayons.
Lydia enjoyed her first experience with cupcakes.
Lydia got tired of opening presents and started chasing after her new toys.

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  1. So cute! We did a ladybug them for Annalise' first birthday too, I can't believe she is already one. (like two months ago too) Happy Birthday Lydia!